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I have access to a large amount of casting lead. The lead has been tested and it is 94.1% Lead, 2% Tin, 3% Antimony, and 0.9% Arsenic.

By large amount I mean TONS of the stuff.

I have the means to clean the lead and pour small 2 or 3 pound ingots, all the way up to 33 pound ingots. The work is hot and tiring but I wouldn’t mind if you had something to trade for it or were willing to help with the workload over a cold beer or something.

Generally I use a propane cooker and melt around 1500 pounds in a few hours. I have all the equipment. You would need to bring a propane tank or we could just fill one of mine.

Also youd need to bring as many 5 gallon buckets as you needed to fill up with ingots. Buckets would be weighed on a bathroom scale prior to loading in your vehicle.

Most of the lead goes to commercial lead casting companies in the SE USA but not all of course.

I don’t mind melting the lead, but I detest packing and shipping it. The post office people hate to see me come to them with a 60-pound priority mail package.

So, if you live in NC or nearby and would like to get enough casting lead to last you the rest of your life, let me know.

Again, this isn’t worth your time if you want just a little bit, but if you want to get enough to last a lifetime this is a great opportunity.

PS Because of confidentiality reasons, I cannot sell or give the lead to you without melting it into ingots first. When you come by I will explain it further and it will make sense.

PSS I also have a small amount of pure lead, suitable for casting black powder bullets if you are interested.
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