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mags are really cheap, I had a cetme and a Hk for a while- really wasn't much difference in them to me. both shot well. the cetme was dropped about 6 ft and it took some work to fix the chaking tube on top. the armorers manual talks about repairing this with a special tool, so "it happens" also the locking rollers wear the turnion over time and there's 3 different size rollers made for them as they wear, Actually there's quiet a few special tools for repairs to the reciever.
I bought a new Hk sliding stock from Copes, I think for $200 last year, and I sold the gun a month later, I gave the cetme away. I don't think the PTR 91 is worth the price, but I've never actually had that specific one. parts kits were everywhere a year ago,german, pakastian, british,s america... everybody had them in the day but i think the technology have made them obsolete.

thought this was funny;
Ergonomics of a railroad tie. No bolt release, and a locking system that requires three men and a mule to work the cocking handle. Fluted chamber that mauls brass, and violent bolt motion that dings the brass that didn't get mauled too badly by the chamber. Stamped sheet metal construction, yet just as heavy as a milled steel M14. Safety lever that requires unnaturally long thumbs, and a trigger pull that feels like dragging a piano across a gravel road with your index finger. Favorite infantry rifle of Cold War nostalgics and third world commandos.
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