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Hey Texas, are you okay with this?

On the plus side of things:

Texas pushes closer to dropping handgun license rule
Measure would eliminate license requirement, state background check and training that go with it

It's a false headline. Background checks for gun purchases are still required.

"Texas would join about 20 states that allow some form of unlicensed handgun carry, but it would be by far the biggest in terms of population. Tennessee earlier this year dropped its handgun license requirement and several others are considering it."

Git 'er done. antifa and the commies are preparing for war. Patriots should do the same.

The headline is not false. To get a LTC in texas you need to have training and a background check. If LTC is replaced with constitutional carry, then the background check is no longer required.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
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I agree. It's dangerous to dismiss these people as a bunch of Che Guevara wannabies. They are without scruples and will be totally ruthless when the time comes.

Learn from history. The Russian Provisional govt. back in 1917 made the mistake of not taking Lenin's arrival in the country seriously. They thought he was just some rabble-rouser. And his tiny group of self-styled Bolsheviks were only a minor threat. "Coffeehouse anarchists" was how they were dismissed as.

And just like you say---the Antifa have their manipulators. Using them for their own ends. Just like the German government enabled it so that Lenin could travel to Russia. In the hopes that he would disrupt things there. It was a war aim strategy that succeeded all to well.
And you think WE won't be totally ruthless in reaction to them? Please. Let them bring it.
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