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Quikclot Is Necessary for an Emergency Kit


Before you guys bash me about how crappy the pouch is, let me say this in my defense :p I've used that pouch for years for first aid use and it's about to retire. I AM getting a new trauma pouch soon, and pictures will be posted when that time comes.

This pouch comes with me when my buddies and I go driving aimlessly for long distances, or when I'm acting as a stand-by medic for sporting events. At times it'll just be in the truck with us when I don't feel like bringing my Medic's bag.

The pouch itself. Yes, there is masking tape holding the shears and electrical tape acting as retention.

Back side--more tape. Keep in mind this pouch is a first aid veteran

Main compartment
-German-made EMT Shears
-4-inch Israeli bandage
-Extra trauma items

Front compartment's stuff out
-Note pad, opened to the quick vital taking reference and such. (You can't see it I know, but in the picture with everything you can tell that there's writing)
-Nitrile gloves

Extra trauma stuff
-4-inch Emergency dressing
-Gauze pads
-Band Aids (I know I said trauma, but I may need those)
-More Nitrile gloves

Everything together

As I've said, I'm purchasing a new pouch (maybe a MOLLE-compatible pouch, I don't know) soon as well as maybe some QuikClot or any other clotting agents I can get my hands on.

NOW you may laugh
I like the fact that your new kit will include Quikclot gauze. I have had some experience with using their products and keep some in my home medicine cabinet as well as my to-go first aid kit. I use a blood thinner and any cut can be a real bleeding problem. I always try to stop the bleed with conventional gauze and pressure, but have to resort to using a Quikclot pad
when that doesn't work. I have never failed to get the bleeding stopped with a Quikclot pad. On a couple of occasions, I had to use it when helping a fellow hiker who has taken a fall or gotten cut. We now have it in the group first aid kit that we carry on a "club hike".

Like a handgun, Quikclot is something that you don't need often, but when you do need it, you need it badly.
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