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Another survival food option

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We need approx 2,000 calories per day. If you hover over the links on the page below, you will see that the maximum calories of one of the meals presented is 180, and the average is about 150. 2,000 calories divided by 150 = 13.33 packages per day per person.

Everyone would be better of storing basic ingredients, wheat, beans, rice, sugar, oil, shorting, butter, powdered milk, baking powder, vegetables, meat, tomato sauce, spices etc. and cooking from scratch.

Purchase a good dehydrator and dehydrate the vegetables weather grown in your garden or purchased.

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Well, this part alone, gives a clue:

The emergency food is packaged in 250-gram bags that, in turn will be sealed into five-gallon pails. These pails are flushed with nitrogen gas and oxygen-absorbing packets that are added immediately prior to sealing to greatly extend shelf life.
First off, take a look at his "packaging method" above. If the food is sealed in individual packs, then removing O2 in the bucket that those packs sit in does NOTHING to protect the food from O2.

Secondly, if he truly knew about long term storage foods he would know that. He would also know that nitrogen flushing is not needed with an O2 absorber. He would also know that a bucket is not an O2 barrier. Hence why *real* food storage companies use mylar bags inside the bucket.

Then take a look at the types of foods he's packaging and the calories and nutrients contained. This guy smacks of a fly by night scammer popping on the scene to take advantage of the current demand. There are a few of them showing up in the last year or two. Just like they did during the Y2K fiasco.

I suggest only dealing with reputable food storage companies that have been around long enough to have a proven track record.

Edit to add: Then there's my personal gripe about premade entrees. They're ok for short term use. But they tend to be bland, overly salty, lacking in required fat, and they get VERY monotonous when eaten long term. I know, I ate my way through 2 "one year" supplies of freeze dried food. I found the individual ingredients to be very good, though not worth their extra cost compared to dehydrated ones. But the entrees had me to where I literally had to choke them down after a while. Plus, it's pretty hard to add the needed fats to a premade entree, short of just dumping oil in it and that makes it even more disgusting.

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+1 ....... MikeK is totally correct ....... sounds like the packaging is BS ...... 02s in the individuals bags and then flushing the bucket is the correct procedure .......

Questioning the "individual bags" ....... no mention of them being mylar or mil thickness ...... both are the most essential part of the packaging system
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