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another RIA m1911 review

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Purchased a RIA m1911 A1 new years day. This is my first 1911. This was an impulse purchase when I found it at a decent price. Surprisingly not the easiest pistol to find.

Went to range this morning with 100 rounds of American Eagle FMJ. While at range also bought 2 Chip McCormack magazines. More expensive than I thought they would be. The 100 rounds fed and shot flawlessly. I was expecting 1 or 2 issues with everything I read and also with RIA suggesting a 500 round break-in.

I was more accurate than I ever have been. But, I was definitely getting fatigued with the mule kick and the weight of the handgun.

I wont CCW but it will definitely be a zombie killer.

BTW: I joined the first timer idiot scratch club when I broke it down to clean. Never use a paper clip :eek::


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I have been seriously thinking of getting one of these , thanks for the review
I picked up the full length railed dust cover (I can't afford the Springfield TRP anymore:D:). I didn't get the night-sight version, but will add them later. I have about 700 hundred rounds through it and (accidentally) about 100 rounds of JHP my son loaded up and didn't pay attention. Not a single hitch or hiccup. Accurate and flawless for a 1/3 the cost of the TRP (if you can find one). So far, very impressed with this RIA:thumb:

I've been buying Rock Islands since the boxes had "Twin Pines" on them and the guns cost $250.00 retail and the only gun they sold was the Government Model.

I have found them to be well built guns that will last longer than most folks, as long as you clean them and lubricate them....

Mine run all day long and I have more than I have fingers cause I have grandchildren.

Jungle Work
RIA makes a very fine 1911. My GI has about 3k rounds fired and no weapon related failures. I had one 'dud' round out of an old box of 'yard sale' ammo. I have shot all kinds of different bullet types as well. This thing is just an all around sweetheart. I love the feel and the fit and finish. It has a very 'no-nonsense' kind of feel to it. Anyhow...go Rock Island!

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