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I spent the past year getting ready for something. Not sure what just yet, but I have put away food water, ammo, anmd all sorts of stuff. I know the wife and kids think I'm loosing it.

Here is just a small portion of my insanity:

Built each one of us a BOB (5 total)
Put first aid kit in wife's van.
BOB for my truck. Get home safe kit actually.
Stored enough food for 3 months.
Some Ammo, probably not enough though.
Enough water for a month, Need more work here.

Started making my own knives. Made 7 or 8 so far.
Made two tomohawks.
Two brick map gas forge and railroad anvil.
Pratice making all my fires without matches.
Kids can even start a fire with strike force.

Read all survival forum that exist.
Watch all Survivorman and Man vs Wild.

Carry a Murse (Man Purse). Actually a PSK.

I tend to go all out sometimes.

Well enough ranting of a lunatic.

Just wanted to say hello.



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Dude, I wish I was as prepared as you are!

What part of Texas are you in? I'm just north of DFW.

I'd love to set myself up with the same list you have here.
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