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another new guy!

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i'm happy to find these boards, i'm gonna learn a lot from you guys and gals :)
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hiya home in oz
so, your questions...
i have no BOL, i plan to bug in. i know my area very well though and have taken precautions :)
i'm not self sufficient. nowhere near.
i garden enough to supplement for my family very well though.
good food and water supplies, maybe six months. or more if we stretch it. good meds kit.
i have no firearms or supplies of that nature.
i'm capable with my knife, billhook and shovel/fork though ;-)
i don't practice permaculture across the board, though i incorporate some things. i'm here to learn more about that.
i have compost systems in place, i care for things organically and with a regard to their natural inclinations. i don't have livestock or animals. though i use the manure of animals on my place.
i do gather/forage some wild foods. though i don't collect them to preserve them, on the whole. i could definitely up my game in this respect. another field that i'm here to explore :)
what about you? what're YOUR answers to your questions? nice to meet you :)
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