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another FNG

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Hello!I've browsed the forums here for awhile but was really turned on to this site by a lot of the awesome Vids on youtube!I'm still new to survivalism in my opinion as I've only been at it about 6 months. I've still got a lot of reading and prep work to do until i am confident enough to call myself a true survivalist. I've put together a basic kit that will all get upgraded soon (I'm looking to switch from an AK to an AR platform, and invest in a good rig from SORD to replace my cheaper than dirt set I'm running currently)

I'm working on upgrading my B.O.B to a more long-term option (currently max of a week, would like to be near a month or greater with some options of sustainability) and adding some more geocaches as well so I will be asking a lot of questions and look forward to any future help!

Just to give everyone a little of who I am, I am in my mid-20s, currently living in north central Florida. I am a very friendly person that is just looking for like minded people who want to be prepared for whatever comes out of the next few years (New World bueno sir, no bueno at all) I hope that I never have to use what I am learning as I love and believe in my country. I am defensive minded, I have no desire to bring the fight, but if it's brought to me I will defend myself, my family, friends, and my rights.I would love to hear any advise, suggestions, comments, etc...I am very open to learn anything I can!

-The Ghost with tha Most
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I'm from Central Fla. but have moved to Arkansas now,welcome to the site.

Welcome to the forum from Northern California
Welcome to the forum from DFW, Texas.
Hello and Welcome to the Boards.

Will "You" be ready....when the discharged solid matter, comes in direct contact with the circular rotating Paddles?
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Welcome aboard, from Canada.
Welcome from Texas, always learn what you can, you never know when you might need it. ;-)
Welcome from TN. You are starting at a good age, just take your time and stick to your priority list.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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