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So, it was another brilliant weekend out... The weather was excellent and the fish was 'a-plenty'... My Bivi, once again, out performed itself and everything went well... :D:

Something that is becoming very apparent by going to the same spot, over and over again is that the wood resource is beginning to dwindle... :( I find myself having to travel further and further, to get enough wood... :cool:

I also noticed that this time round the mosquito's were insane. I think it's got a lot to do with all the rain we've had lately. The area is almost swamp like, with layers and layers of Casuarina Tree needles, a perfect environment for mosquito's to breed... :eek: It got to the point where no measure of Tabard, nor Peaceful Sleep did anything to perturb 'them', sleep was literally impossible unless it was during the day or right close to the fire at night... :( I have decided that I'm going to invest in a mosquito net going forward. Being able to sleep :sleep: peacefully is vital, nothing worse than being tired, cranky and irritated... It seems to taint the whole 'outing'... :mad:

Another weekend of fresh fish and a great time out (besides the mosquito's)!!! Not to mention some fish going home for the family... :D:
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