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Only this time its D.C.

So if corporations who cant make a profit, need taxpayer bailouts, and are riddled w corruption are lambasted ---- when will these giveaways be?

(failing school administrators receive bonuses?)
Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, who was handed $41,250 in August 2007 after barely two months on the job, Department of Health Director Pierre Vigilance, who was given $15,000 in 2008; and city property manager Robin-Eve Jasper, handed $18,000 over two years.Then-special education "czar" Phyllis Harris was paid $17,000 in 2008; special-ed bureaucrat Karen Griffin was given $25,000 the same year; and Rhee's chief of staff, Lisa Ruda, was given $17,000 in 2008

and on a side note federal employess owe 3B in fed taxes
----- no surprise here - look ta tha top fer guidance

seems that the biggest offenders are
postal service
executive personnel
tax court employees
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