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Our planet has had many significant hits throughout geologic time. Earth has had proportionally as many impacts as the Moon or Mars. The reason we do not see as many craters here as we see on Mars and the Moon is that the Earth has a dynamic surface and crust. Moon and Mars do not.

The earth's surface has been continually modified not only by erosion but also by plate tectonics, where crustal plates dive under other crustal plates and are obliterated and recycled. So many impact features have been lost on earth. Plate tectonics are not occurring on the Moon or on Mars.

Many existing craters on earth have had their rims and other identifying features either eroded away or buried. Some impact features may be detected with geophysical methods.

I have actually seen several impact craters using 3D seismic data. The ones I have seen on seismic are buried quite deep. I can't say where they are, but these are not in the USA.

A good example of an eroded crater with a preserved central rebound structure is Sierra Madera, south of Fort Stockton, Texas.

If you look around, they are out there. Google astroblemes, meteor craters, impact features, etc.

The one that made the tiny crater near Odessa allegedly released enough energy to kill everything within a 20-mile radius.

It wouldn't take a very big space rock to really make a mess of a city.
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