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Terribly written article, much worse that is the usual for PM. Example: the trajectory is uncertain, the flyby can happen at 1.5 million miles or 11.000 miles.
If they can be sure of 1 million miles how can be sure or 11,000 distance (versus 0 miles, for example). Another one: the object is 100 feet in diameter versus 60 feet for Chelyabinsk meteor. So, according to the article, the explosion would be twice as big. According to a simple math it would be 5 times as great.
The variance you're talking about in distance is showing EXTREMES. It'll almost certainly happen somewhere in the middle of that (basically it'll miss).

As for the damage difference there's more to how much damage is caused than just size ... composition has every bit as important as a role. So while this asteroid might be five times larger it also is significantly more ice.
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