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The only gun magazine I buy is the Guns & Ammo Annual <YYYY> Buyer's Guide (just "Gun Annual" now), specifically for the listings in the second half of the magazine. It's nice for seeing what's coming onto the market, what of the new cartridges are finding traction, etc.

Usually I page through it and make notes next to rifles of particular interest, and write the pages where I've written notes on a bookmark that stays in the magazine. Sometimes making those notes involves referring to a cartridge reference (Speer or wikipedia) or a ballistics calculator.

It occurs to me that the data is well-suited to representation/manipulation in a DBMS or spreadsheet, which could be trivially cross-referenced against cartridge data and integrated with Powley's formula (to normalize available barrels against a reference barrel length), etc.

Some casual googling around doesn't reveal any such spreadsheet, nor do I find anything like it searching through survivalistboards' threads.

Before I leap in and start typing it up, does anyone know if such a spreadsheet is already in existence?

Edited to add: Specifically, the database would consist of firearm make, model, calibers, barrel types, weight, stock, sights, mounting system, MSRP, etc. Cross-correlating it against other resources (references and formulae) would be nice-to-have add-ons which I could do myself. The data of interest is the new year product offerings themselves.
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