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Ankara, oviedo and Iver Johnson revolver.

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I went to an auction today and picked up 3 used guns. I know almost nothing about them but they seemed to be good deals. Any info about them- general review- Would love to hear from you...

Iver Johnson & Cycle Works revolver. Unfurtunately, it is now in the shop for a 7 day "cooling off" period... but I think it was a .25. Figured I couldnt go too wrong at $50

Oviedo 1931 7mm/ 222cal rifle. Picked that one up for $50. Apparently this was from the Spanish Civil War(?). Paid $50 for this as well.

My Favorite one. Ankara Rifle. I believe it was dated 1943. It is in the shop until I go get it registered next week. Seemed like a good deal at $100.

Weird thing was that single and double barrel shotguns seemd to be going for a good bit. My target was $50 for a single barrel and couldnt get one for that.

I know none of these are the best SHTF weapon, but I already have an AK and a few other weapons. I am thinking about selling the oviedo if it is worth what I think it is (about $250 - $300).
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Spanish "Oviedo" 1931, 7mm on Mauser action originally. Pre-war (WWII) if it's a .222, or some .222/7mm custom, it's been rebarreled.

The Iver Johnson is probably a .22 not a .25. Decent little guns, some minor collectors value depending on condition. The original developer of the safety block for the revolver, "hammer the hammer" used in most wheelguns today in some form.

The Turkish "Ankara" from 1943
is probably a 1938 Model Mauser made at the Ankara factory in '43. Unlike the Spanish Mauser above, it's originally a 8x57mm Mauser chambering.

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thanks whirlibird. I am poretty sure the ivre Johnson was something other than a .22 because I was after a .22 but they were going high. Maybe a .32.

The Oveido was listed as "7mm 222cal." Someone else also said it was rebarreled

The Ankara is my favorite of the group. I have become infactuated with the WWII Bolt actions. I guess I will be getting more in the future. Really want a Mossen Nargent.
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