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And it keeps goin down, down....

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Asian markets follow huge Wall Street losses
Nikkei plummets by 9.6 percent; expert says investors are 'gripped by fear'
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'gripped by fear' or 'gripped by reality'?
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Looks like the European markets are having another really bad day as well.
Australian shares had their worst day since the crash of 1987, losing more than 8%, as mounting recession fears sent equity markets tumbling around the world.

The benchmark S&P/ASX-200 stock index recorded its biggest one-day loss in its 16-year history, dragging the value of the main share index below $1 trillion. The broader All Ordinaries recorded its worst day since the October 1987 crash.
Singapore officially in recession, South Korean banks in trouble repaying debt, Japanese insurance company closed.
China' economy slowing, delaying imports of raw materials.
Economists are expecting more bad news, don't know what the bigger picture is on the global insurance industry yet.
Iceland and UK goverment in conflict over frozen UK investment funds in Iceland banks.
Looks like the European markets are having another really bad day as well.
"really bad day" ROFLMFAO.... *pins 'understatement of the year' award to Chipmunk's chest* :thumb:
asian markets plummet overnight, bush to make statement at 1015. i cant wait to see what the market opens at!
I heard that the futures were down almost 400 points. A nice free fall to start our day.

Everyone put your hands in the air and yell "WEEEEEEEE"! :eek:
Someone tell it's REALLY not down 800 points!!!!
sounds like today might be the day of the crash
555 points down and the market hasn't been open longer than an hour
drudgereport has a headline that if the market drops more than 10% trading will be stopped.
Yahoo seems to be fixed now. Europe is WAY down.
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