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OK guys and gals time to test your American history knowledge. Please dont cheat in useing the internet even though you probably will...Oh well here it is.

What was the last battle of the American Revolution
Give me
1. Name of battle
2. Location of battle, state, and specific location
3. Date of battle

After someone or no one gets it I will let you know.
The winner gets to give themself a pat on the back.

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From the blog "Explore Southern History".

"If you search "last battle" and "American Revolution" on Google, you will come up with all kinds of answers. One source (obviously wrong!) says it was the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. Chattanooga, Tennessee, points to an engagement on Lookout Mountain in 1782. Kentucky claims the Battle of Blue Licks as the final battle and Florida recently erected a marker for its own candidate, a 1783 naval engagement off Cape Canaveral.

As best I can tell, the Battle of Arkansas Post in Arkansas was the real final battle of the American Revolution. The naval battle off Cape Canaveral, Florida, was fought on March 10, 1783, but five weeks later on April 16, 1783, a party of British-allied irregulars approached Arkansas Post. Sometimes remembered as "Colbert's Raid," the battle began before sunrise on the morning of April 17, 1783 and resulted in the last known shots and last known casualties of the American Revolution."
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