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Aldi Brookdale Beef Stew 5 Year Review

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I have been going over my preps lately and decided to try some of my "short-term" :D: canned food. I grabbed a can of Brookdale beef stew I bought from aldis over 5 years ago to have for dinner the other night. I took some pics along the way thinking it would make a good review for the boards.

I bought it in July of 2011. The best by date is May of 2014. I dont remember what it cost. I can tell you they are $1.50 currently.

Lid Metal

Food Ingredient Dish Cuisine Snack

Product Metal Pipe Circle Steel

Here is what it looked like. It slopped out of the can as expected but looked much better once warmed and stirred up of course.

Dish Food Cuisine Ingredient Produce

Dish Food Cuisine Ingredient Dessert

Here are the nutrition labels. Despite the sodium this is relatively healthy with about 600 calories and 27 grams of protein per can. Can contains 3 servings. It is a great source of protein and definitely filling. I tried to finish the can and couldn't. And I am a big guy. It tasted a little on the salty side as expected but definitely tolerable. You can always rinse the meat and potatoes off. I had no ill effects that night or the following days.

Material property Label


This gets a 9/10 from me. I don't keep a whole lot of this on hand but will continue to do so. :thumb:

Next up: Brookdale Chicken and dumplings. :D:
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One thing to watch out for are the pull top cans that some aldi products come in, they do not store nearly as long as regular cans.

I had to trow out a good bit of soup because of the pull tops leaking air
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I see the pull-tops debated on here but this is the first time I've seen anyone actually have this problem.
yea, I made a post on here about it when it happened, and I am not knocking on Aldis I love their products, just be cautious with the pop top cans.

Mine were well past their best by dates also, so just a note to make sure you rotate and do not expect them to last as long as regular cans that require a can opener.
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