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Alcohol can stove

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I found this today, its probably the best can stove Ive ever seen. I am thinking about trying to build one myself. Obviously they ear incredibly light and its what the guy on youtube used cooking in the green bucket

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another item for my shopping list
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Me too. I am going to try to make my own this weekend. I will make you tube videos if the results aren't to humiliating. Neither look that hard and both come with pretty good instructions. This is the kind of thing I like to stash in the trunk of the car with some beans and rice.
actually looks like a fun project to get the kids involved in also. Gonna have to make one or two of these. Thanks for posting it.
"set it and forget it!" I love it. I miss those ron popeil infomercials :(
I recently got one of the pepsi can alcohol cans. I have not tried it out but it is a perfect size and easy to use. I got mine from ebay and have it in my BOB.
I have a buddy who uses the popcan stove. It is very efficient, and light weight.
BUT - you need to carry the denatured alcohol fuel - you need a secure bottle to prevent spillage. Also, it isn't particularly stable with a pot on top.

Myself, I just use an Esbit stove with GI surplus Trioxane fuel - I buy it by the case. :cool:
Lannyplans is a member on this site. I think his handle is stoveman or something.
hi im new to this forum and just wanted to say that this penny stove is a big flop it blew up like a grenade and covered me in burning alcohol it might be a good ida on paper but its not in practice hope this would be helpful jordan
One problem

Lannyplans is a member on this site. I think his handle is stoveman or something.
Lenny go taken at the dollar store, he said he got the cake pan for a 1.50 at the dollar store. lol...I'm gonna watch it again to make sure.
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