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Don't worry about stamped

I'm within a month or two buying my 1st semi auto. :) I've decided on the AK47, and I've been told that "If I can afford to spend the money on a milled receiver, I should get one". The reasons explained were that the milled receivers were stronger, and would last longer since they're milled from a block of metal as opposed to being stamped. I can understand the logic but I can't help wondering if the stamped receivers are just as good (from a practical point of view?) Hopefully some of you guys can shed some light on tha issue for me?

Every now and then I hear that the cheaper Yugo AKs are lower in quality? Is there is any truth to that, and if so, which AKs have the better quality reputations? My gut tells me to just pick one but stay away from the cheapest model.

The last question has to do with the newer refurbished AK47s. So many times newer isn't always better in terms of quality? Seems like everyone wants to shave a penny off of the production costs. Are the older models better made or are the newer refirbuished models just as good?

Thx in advance for your answers :thumb:
The original AKMs in Russia were milled receiver. Problem came with heat build up. THey went to stamped receivers. They make both. There isn't a hill of beans difference in stamped and milled today. Stamped gives you a better oportunity to upgrade your furniture on the weapon. Milled requires a special butt stock.

Remember all the new production AKs are built on US made receivers so original quality is out the door. As for the Yugo, they were some of the finest ever made. I have had three and including one in .308 and one in 8MM. The Polish, Yugo, Romanian, Hungarian, and Russian kits are all great. Look for the fit and finish of the gun you are buying. An AK doesn't have to be too tight. SOmetimes tight affects function. THE early guns from Wiselite Arms were not so good. Later they made a great gun. THeir receivers came out of OHio.

Look at the front site of the gun you buy. Be sure your site is pretty much centered and not canted to one side. That would indicate the barrel might be off and the front site has been altered to take care of the difference.

Buy the gun that fits you well. Don't get freaked out by what other people say. I have been shooting Aks since the early 1980s. They are all great guns. Best wishes. Good shooting. GB
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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