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I have been looking into some airguns lately and have some questions to airgun owners on the board.

After looking at various calibers and models I have found that I'll put my money on a spring loaded airgun, even though the PCP weapons are awesome and probably very fun to shoot. As survivalweapons however I find them more or less useless as you have to rely on all sorts of equipment and preassure testing to fill them up and use them. A springer with a few extra springs, some gaskets and other small parts, and I will have a weapon to rely on even when the gunpowder is all spent.

At this point and with all my other investments I have found the turkish Hatsan 125 to be both affordable and powerful and from what I hear pretty reliable. I'd be happy to hear from people with more knowledge about these weapons and their strong/weak points.

Also I am a bit unsure what caliber to get. Should I go for the 6,35 mm/750 fps or the 5,5 mm/980 fps? What would be the best, most powerful and versatile caliber for hunting in a SHTF situation?

Can any measures be taken to make these weapons even more powerful without severely comprimizing their durability and accuracy?

Any other guns you'd recommend within the same pricerange? They cost from
$300 - 350 up here.

Thanks in advance..
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