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I was just watching this Dutch tv-program about Q-fever. Q-fever is a disease harmful for goats, but humans can get infected too. There's a lot of trouble with it in the Netherlands right now. Around 2200 people got infected and 10 died (not very big numbers, but it isn't a very big country).

I was wondering, we've seen Mad Cow disease, Avian flu, Swine flu, SARS, and Q-fever.

It seems a lot of these epidemic diseases come from animals, particulary the factory-farming kind of agriculture (what the Dutch call the bio-industry).

I was wondering, until now the effects have been relatively small. But I'm curious how long it's gonna take before the S really HTF. Is the bio-industry a ticking timebomb?

I'm curious about your opinions. What do you think are the chances of a real pandemic disease? And how can you prep for it?

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For a bio related outbreak, have plenty of food and water on hand (a normal thing for people on this forum) and follow the basic rule of bio-hazards: avoid, avoid and avoid at all costs. You hit on one of the most scariest features of bio hazards, the food chain!

I agree, its a ticking time bomb. I'd follow the trend of the scientists doing tests using simple organisms (fruit flies and such - fast life cycles) with a high growth rate, once it hits a certain limit it seems ripe for a virus or bacteria to kill the population off. Now match that trend to humans, once we hit a certain population limit (your guess is as good as any) it would seem natural for some disease to begin to kill us off.

Excellent thread by the way.

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Factory-farming is a time bomb.

For one thing, it is too much crowding. The stock-yards are filth.

I bet you didn't know, the animals are fed the offal from the slaughtered animals leading to diseases that arise from cannibalism: one species eating that same species.

BSE is a disease that arises from canibalism: cow eating cow.

I bet the government confiscating herds, and land, didn't tell your agriculturists that.

The federal system of centralized government is the time-bomb: we need an age of enlightenment. Do you see people in government that have any enlightenment?

Agri-business is a time bomb, because "single crop" agriculture brings about "population explosions" of pests and harmful fungi, etc. that find that single crop is their favorite food.

This is why diversity is good.

Pure-bred cattle. More veterinarian fees.

This is a fact.

As for diseases the world has never had before?

I sincerely believe germ-warfare is meant only for eugenics, that is, the extermination of human populations and the NWO are the eugenicists. Read their own "white papers". Read their "lackeys" books.

Anthrax is natural. It can be in dirt. Farmers wear gloves and wash their hands.

Anthrax does not live exposed for much time in air.

When we had the weaponized anthrax, biochemists all over the world suddenly died, many in their own secure labs. Why? I believe, because they were in the best position to analyze the weaponized anthrax and identify it by it's laboratory signature.

The weaponized anthrax, by the way, was traced to a NJ lab under contract with Porton Down.

It is just as likely, the computer virus are from the sellers of antivirus. News Flash: virus released today. Anti-virus is released on the same day.

This means, some people may think they are helping people. In fact, they are helping their employer.

I know I am convinced Porton Down, Baxter and makers of vaccines are that industry.

I believe if "that sort" can develop a weaponized disease that will target populations, they will. That is why I told the native americans, I met, to spread the word: do not donate genetic material on that "bogus" test to find a "native american gene". But a lot of native americans did.

It turns out every population has "donated" genetic material, only, they didn't know at the hospital their baby was typed for blood and DNA at birth.

Oh well, it's only those undesirable people who will be culled: them and not us.

I mention this on this particular thread, because the DNA of food crops are being aggressively altered. Not just hybridization, but Monsanto aggressive genetic material to infect neighbor's crops then sue for "theft" of patented crops, seizing the land.

Domestic food animals are being examined for "controls" of food for humans.

The more "scientists" who refuse to participate, it won't get done. Taking bets?

I believe that is what the attempt to stop fishing, and then stop hunting, is all about.

It is about complete control of all human food.

Then, only "the royals" can fish or hunt, if they care to.

If you think that is far-fetched, I stopped "a poaching ring" bringing in federal government "chronies" for unlimited species hunting in Glacier National Park. I was having a pizza at an expensive private hunting lodge. The owner and lawyer were speaking with two such men, eager to get a Mountain Goat and a Grizzley Bear.

Tags, radio collar: no problem. That will cost more. They said who was doing the guiding.

I told the park rangers at the Visitor's Center.

They called Washington, D.C.

The hunting lodge is under new ownership. The guide lives in the same house next to Glacier National Park.

The park put new fence on Chief Mountain Scenic Highway - Highway 17. I had two gates for access to my property. Now, I have no gates to my property and no culvert on the new ditch next to the "highway" which is actually only a 2-lane not well maintained blacktop road only open seasonally to cross over the U.S. Canada border to Waterton National Park. My neighbor, the beekeeper and retired Glacier National Park employee is unaffected.

Wanna bet, that Glacier National Park isn't a private hunting preserve?

Wanna bet, I'm wrong?
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