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Advice on buying my first MIG welder

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Alright so im building a go kart and I wanna invest in a nice compact MIG welder. Anyone have any ideas? The welder is gonna be used on cars and little around the house jobs and for building mini bikes and go karts. Not too expensive also. I want one that will deliver nice strong welds.
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Personally I prefer the 220V welders. All of the 110 models I have been around were less than satisfactory. That's not to say there are not some that will work, just that the ones I have experience with sucked.
Miller makes a top notch welder with Hobart and Lincoln not far behind. Every time I have purchased a tool or gun with the intention of upgrading to a better unit down the line I threw money away. Cry once and buy the good stuff.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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