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Advice on buying my first MIG welder

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Alright so im building a go kart and I wanna invest in a nice compact MIG welder. Anyone have any ideas? The welder is gonna be used on cars and little around the house jobs and for building mini bikes and go karts. Not too expensive also. I want one that will deliver nice strong welds.
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Over the years, I've used several brands. Four that are dependable, powerful, and easy to use are Miller, Lincoln, Hobart and ESAB.
All in all, you have to appreciate the MllerMatics for attention to detail and quality. Some models are convertible from 110 to 220 1PH, simply by an interchangeable plug. Some, like the 250, give you the ability to weld aluminum, should you ever want to, with additional attachments.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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