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Advice on buying my first MIG welder

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Alright so im building a go kart and I wanna invest in a nice compact MIG welder. Anyone have any ideas? The welder is gonna be used on cars and little around the house jobs and for building mini bikes and go karts. Not too expensive also. I want one that will deliver nice strong welds.
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no it is junk parts will be hard to get
spent the $ you get what you pay for
this is one i use all the time
Yeah but that one is $600. The one I found is $150 and has had lots of good reviews. I'll invest in a really nice welder when I leave college and find my own house.
ok here is my .02
gas shielding is great when you have no wind ie in a shop of some sort
flux core burns hotter you can use it out side wind will not harm the weld process
but remember you have to reverse the weld polarity on the welder to run flux core
Reverse what? :confused:
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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