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Maine: Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to Hold a Week of Hearings on Anti-Gun Legislation Starting April 8

During the week of April 8, the Joint Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will hold public hearings every day in Augusta to consider numerous restrictive anti-gun measures. The plethora of gun control legislation that will be heard will penalize responsible gun owners in the Pine Tree State, and fail to address the criminal access to or misuse of firearms.

Click here to see a complete list of bills that will be heard next week. The schedule below highlights the most onerous anti-gun proposals that will be considered next week. All public hearings will take place in Room 436 of the State House in Augusta.

Monday, April 8 at 10:00 a.m.
LD 267 burdens law-abiding citizens by mandating background investigations for all firearm transfers performed by occasional sellers at gun shows.
LD 380 repeals important provisions necessary to protect your inherent right to self-defense.
LD 997 bans standard capacity magazines.

Tuesday, April 9 at 1:00 p.m.
LD 265 repeals an important employee protection measure enacted in 2011, which prohibits an employer from banning an employee with a valid Permit to Carry Concealed Firearms from keeping a firearm in the employee's vehicle as long as the vehicle is locked and the firearm is not visible.
LD 1173 repeals an important self-defense measure that allows individuals who have obtained a Concealed Handgun Permit to carry a firearm in state parks and historic sites.

Wednesday, April 10 at 1:00 p.m.
LD 724 mandates the destruction of firearms used in certain crimes. This prevents law enforcement agencies from selling these firearms to licensed dealers in exchange for money, new equipment or ammunition—something that would help agencies when budgets are strained.

Friday, April 12 at 10:00 a.m.
LD 189 creates an online database of individuals who hold a valid Permit to Carry Concealed Firearms. This is an arduous and costly process, and will ultimately place law-abiding citizens at risk to criminals who may target their home to steal firearms.

If you are unable to attend these public hearings and speak in opposition to these anti-gun measures, using the contact information provided below, please contact members of the Joint Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and urge them to oppose any legislation that would impede your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Senator Stan Gerzofsky (D-Cumberland), Chairman

Senator David E. Dutremble (D-York)

Senator Gary E. Plummer (R-Cumberland)

Representative Mark N. Dion (D-Portland), Chairman

Representative Michel A. Lajoie (D-Lewiston)

Representative Bryan T. Kaenrath (D-South Portland)

Representative Alan M. Casavant (D-Biddeford)

Representative Timothy I. Marks (D-Pittston)

Representative Joshua R. Plante (D-Berwick)

Representative Ricky D. Long (R-Sherman)

Representative Thomas M. Tyler (R-Windham)

Representative Jethro D. Pease (R-Morrill)

Representative Corey S. Wilson (R-Augusta)

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Can't say We The People should be shocked at this, but we should expect it. TPTB have effectively slipped one past us. We expected them to restrict our Rights at a federal level, but they went to the State level instead. It's turning out to be quite an effective means of stealing our Rights. If they tried to strip our Rights at a Federal level, We The People from all over the country, no matter what state, could stand together and fight them. But since TPTB have focused on the State level, they have effectively devided us, because people outside the states in jeopardy are unable to help their fellow countrymen. The progressive liberal scum suckers used the old, but effective, divide and conquer strategy and unfortunately it is working. It's hard to unite when, all but those in the state in question, votes and voice won't be heard. People from outside the state can send letters and emails but the political elite scum won't listen to outsiders. Why should they, the out of staters can't vote them out.

I always say "We Must Unite" but it's hard to do that in this circumstance. The only thing I can say is for those of you in the states that are trying to strip you of your Rights is to stay strong and give them no quarter, because none will be given to you. The progressive liberal scum suckers don't play fair, why should they? The way they see it, We The People are impotent fools who talk the big talk but ultimately do nothing. If we are to ever rid ourselves of the progressive liberal scum suckers then we must do something drastic to show them they are not wanted, needed, nor suffered. We The People must do something else than what we have been doing, because we have been having our asses handed to us over and over. We must do something...

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From my observation , the way they're pushing this is to instruct all Democrat-controlled selectboards, legislatures, etc to begin the call for "common sense" gun control including banning so-called "assault rifles", "high-capacity ammunition magazines", and universal background checks. There is also a reference to "not allowing small, but vocal minorities" to derail the push "the majority" wants. Here in small-town VT, our selectboard tried this garbage yesterday- had to sit through 2 hours of school board presentation nonsense before they finally got to the resolution to "instruct" our betters to vote for gun control. Pretty insidious. Too bad for them though, we found out about it and essentially voted it D O W N!!!:D:

Sure it won't be the last, though...
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