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Accuracy difference between the Springfield M1A Standard vs Loaded?

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I am going to be buying a Springfield M1a as my first true battle rifle, but I wanted to know the accuracy difference (in moa) between the M1a Standard versus the M1a Loaded? I am trying to see if the higher end Loaded version is worth the extra cost...

For some reason, I cannot find any information on this important question online.....
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Ok, I think I'm leaning towards the Standard now...... All I care about is if this gun is "battle accurate".....I'm not a competition shooter.

Also, I have another question: What are the average prices of the Standard and Loaded M1a's?

I checked on Gunbroker and elsewhere, but I cannot find enough of a sample size to accurately determine the average price of these guns. I feel that Gunbroker prices are inflated, anyway.
Thanks for all of the helpful replies.....great info!

Another question: I was holding an M1a the other day, and I've noticed that my fingers get dangerously close to the opening and closing bolt group.

Have any of you heard about people losing fingertips on their left hand when using this gun?

The Garand has a similar design, but a taller stock that gives the fingers more room to grip. With the M1a, your fingers are practically forced into the action. This is my one major gripe about this otherwise great rifle.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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