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Accuracy difference between the Springfield M1A Standard vs Loaded?

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I am going to be buying a Springfield M1a as my first true battle rifle, but I wanted to know the accuracy difference (in moa) between the M1a Standard versus the M1a Loaded? I am trying to see if the higher end Loaded version is worth the extra cost...

For some reason, I cannot find any information on this important question online.....
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I have the standard version, it works well and there are no issues.

The only things that I did to it was, tighten the rear sight, added a bit of purple loctite to the front sight screw and added a G.I. synthetic stock.

The rear sight was tightened by expanding the sides of the sight to give it a snug fit, I don't remember at the moment what gunsmiths call this technique.

From what I have seen on the different gun websites, it seems that people with the loaded versions have more problems. It could be that they have a tighter chamber or maybe the owner has to be smarter than the rifle.
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