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Group buys I would personally like to see…

CMP Greek HXP 30-06 Ammo

The CMP recently liberalized their rules regarding purchases so you can supposedly buy all you want right now. If someone in NC or SC (or perhaps even Georgia, Tennessee, or Alabama) were already a member and willing to place a really large order, I would definitely be in on it. I have transportation via business to Alabama and can drive you there, help you load it and bring it back if you would come and do the paperwork and wouldn’t mind a one hour layover in NE Alabama on business. I would cover the cost of transportation as a business expense so there would be no (or very little) shipping charges and we could save quite a bit that way.

Russian or Bulgarian surplus 5.45X39 Ammo

This stuff is still available and if you don’t want to be crying over missing this great deal in the future, we should jump on a few cases of this stuff. Again, a reduced price could possibly be negotiated if a purchase of 10 or 20 (or even 30) cases were purchased. I would volunteer to help drive to pick up some cases; all we need is a decent truck. If I could go up to pick it up on a business return trip I would, but the only places I know of that have it are in places I don’t go on business.

3.5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets

I have a contact that can provide me with literally hundreds of 3.5 gallon food grade buckets. They want me to come and get literally 200 of them at a time so I could very easily supply all you’d ever need, if shipping could be figured out. They do charge for the buckets, but the price is extremely reasonable, with great bulk discounts. They may or may not have lids so that should be considered.

5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets

I have a small but semi regular supply of food grade, 5 gallon buckets from a few local businesses, but the quantity is nowhere near what I could use. Do you happen to have access to a supply of these? Again, shipping might be a problem, but it’s better than nothing right?

Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers

This becomes a good deal if you can order several hundred of them at a time. For instance, for really large orders, the cost per bag drops from 1.48 each to less than 90 cents each. That’s only for orders over 1000 but it would make a lot of sense for us to place orders like this.

A note on shipping. If one person could handle a shipment from west of the Mississippi and another from east of the Mississippi I think it would save a great deal on shipping. Maybe a large order could be placed and half the shipment sent to one person for repackaging and reshipment out west and another person does the same for the east?

Does anybody have any ideas for other group buys?
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