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AAA NiMH will not charge

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Last year I purchased several 4 packs of AAA NiMH batteries on sale.
These were stored properly in the original package,
Got them out today and tried to charge them in a new AA AAA wall plug in unit, the charger defaulted on all of them and would not charge the AAAs.
The charger works fine because I just charged some new NiMH AAs with no problems...also the mA of the AAAs are compatible with the charger.
Why are these unused 1 year old NiMH AAAs not taking a charge?
Thanks for your help.
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If they are different brands, check the + "tip" of the batteries compared to the ones that charge ok.
If there is a metal ridge or plastic around it it may not seat properly and fail to make contact in some chargers.
Inspect the opposite - end as well.
If they are the same brand as the charger I would email the battery company and ask for replacements.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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