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Mrs MCLMM recently picked up a charger by these guys off the net apparently as well as some packets of ready to use AAAs and AAs.

The charger is cool because it can take 120V house power, 12V auto power with adaptor or USB power from a computer.

Very versatile bit of gear. I consider it a must-have item.

When I get home, I'll pick up a couple more as well as some D and C cell casings for AA batts (allows you to use AAs in any toy that needs Cs or Ds).

Just wondering too, what is the deal with rechargable batteries? can I put rechargable energizers in one of these varta chargers? Or is that like crossing the streams, leading to a dimensional rift in space/time?

Forgot to mention - I believe that anythin which you can recharge with a USB can be recharged from the batteries inside the charger as long as they are topped off.
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Anyone seen one of these? That would come in handy with the 12V 2AMP solar cell I'm getting.

Wally world sells 2 different 15 minute chargers - one is a duracell and one is an energizer.

I dont know about the duracell, but the energizer does come with a car charger adapter. This device will charge 4 AAA or AA batteries in about 10 - 15 minutes.
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