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I am looking for a Vietnam or early 80's era looking AR-15 that will be primariliy used for military matches, informal ones. Looking to pay around $1200 or less. not looking for a champion gun, just a good worker.

I would like to find a target barrel model, something that will still produce decent results when good n warm. I'm not sure if the stock A2 handguard can accomodate this though. I am going to use iron sight 99% of the time with this firearm. However, I don't mind getting a model with a falt top detachable carry handle. don't mind if the barrel is stainless, but I'd like the overall look to be a vintage military rifle. However, I do not want a flip down front sight, must have the stock traingle sight on it.

I'd highly prefer to buy than build if possible. I also live in NY, so it has to be ban compliant. 10 round magazine, fixed stock, and pinned muzzle brake / flash hider. I'd probably just prefer no brake or flash hider on it at all.

Trying to keep it stock looking as possible incase I do get into the sport more than I think I will.
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