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A. Weber Co. Keokuk, IA Doube Bit Axe Info!!!

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Since it seems that you and many of the others are quite knowledgeable about pretty much everything, i have a question to ask about vintage/old axes. Figured id ask about one of these Axes I've come across and actually have in my possession at the moment. I can not find any information on it other than an obscure bit about the Alois and Annie Weber House in Keokuk. On the webpage it says that Alois Weber ran a hardware and tools company and was well known throughout the Midwest until his death in 1917. Its a beautiful double bit, especially after i cleaned it all up from the dirt, grime, etc of a metal detection find. I was wondering if anyone out there had any more information on it and or other information on Weber and his business. It just seems odd to me that the business just went to ground after his death. If he was so reputable and upstanding citizen wouldn't there be more info or anything more about the tools and hardware he sold? Anyways let me know and thanks all.
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While it may not apply here most larger hardware companies didn't make their own tools but had them made by an actual tool company who stamped or branded their names on the pieces...Think ACE Hardware! Who made them is almost impossible to find out unless you had found some original shipping invoices...Surprisingly, lots of axe makers didn't make double bit axes and those that did usually shipped them to dealers in the Pacific Northwest or to the Maine/Vermont regions where logging actually was a legacy of the lumberjacks..

Can you find any other stamping(s) on the blade other then the Weber one...You could trace it back via that in the trademark books...Then again, he could have had a blacksmith actually forging them in the back of his business--who would have put his stamp on the blade usually just by the eye...If he had a thriving business he could have farmed out the axe making to all the smiths in surrounding communities.

This may help: Tools/Home.html

Sorry, I couldn't have been of more help but the above will answer E-mail questions--eventually!
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