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What was that guy's name? Ahmad Aubrey?
While out running he visited a contruction site . . .
and three neighbors came out and killed him!
He visited a rural home under renovation that had been burgled/vandalized recently and 3 hick vigilantes confronted him and the sugar turned to鈥.crap and the morons killed him while one videoed it馃檮
Stupid Is As Stupid Does鈥f all he was doing was running he should have never left the road鈥iving smart means staying away from potential misunderstandings/threat axis鈥檚 that include feral thugs or idiots鈥
Life is different here now鈥ust because you 鈥榗an鈥 in no way means you 鈥榮hould鈥欌
1 - 5 of 109 Posts