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A question of knife legality in Europe

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Me and my brother will be backpacking in Europe for a month and well be in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. My question is, does anyone know the legality of carrying a folding knife for purposes of self defense? Is there a size limit? Do any of these countries ban it outright?

I ask because we will be staying in the cheapest hostels we can find the whole time and as a result may be in some rougher neighborhoods.

Thank you for your input!

I tried a google search but came up with little :(
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yeah has to be a sub 3" non locking folder or you have to have a specific reason for having it. for example if you had booked into wilderness camping sites and had proof with you an axe probably wouldnt be a problem unless in a restricted area. Nothing at all allowed for defense your basically expected to run or die in our countries laws. This is all for england btw.
Where are you planning to move to? i personally am trying to find a way into the states...
America aswell. I figure it will be at least 8 years till I can look seriously, by then I will be finished university, have some money saved up and have some experience in my field. Luckily the certification I'm getting is in serious need, predicted 1 million shortage, so my job should help me.
walk on in everybody else does
No way, when I move somewhere I'm gonna be damn sure I'm able to support myself and by a valuable member of the community.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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