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A question of knife legality in Europe

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Me and my brother will be backpacking in Europe for a month and well be in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. My question is, does anyone know the legality of carrying a folding knife for purposes of self defense? Is there a size limit? Do any of these countries ban it outright?

I ask because we will be staying in the cheapest hostels we can find the whole time and as a result may be in some rougher neighborhoods.

Thank you for your input!

I tried a google search but came up with little :(
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Since April this year it is forbidden to carry any folding knife that can be opened with one hand and any knife with a fixed blade or a folding knife whose blade can be fixed with a length of more than 12 cm. It is forbidden to carry a knife that is designed to be opened with one hand (for example a CRKT with Carson Flipper, a Spyderco with that hole for fast opening or so..) regardless of its size!!! 12cm count only for fixed blades or knives which must be opened with both hands and whose blades can be fixed.
BUT there are exeptions for hunting, also if you need your knife for your profession AND for camping and so on.... So it is not likely that you will have problems as a backpacker. This new law is total BS. Most citizens doesn´t even know about this and the huge stores here like Aldi, Lidl, Plus (equivalent to walmart ) recently sold those knives without any advice....
You will not be thrown behind bars for carrying such a knife with you anyway, but they will confiscate it and you may have to pay for it...
But, as mentioned, there is an exeption which i think would apply to backpackers.

P.S.: AND NEVER NEVER NEVER say you carry a knife for self-defense here... THAT is - unfortunately enough- not a sufficient reason for our lawmakers...
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Your welcome!

Those new laws are totally BS - part of a disarmament strategy that unfortunately seems to work....

You should contact your foreign office or so to gather more informations about the situation in the other european countries.

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