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A question about storing dehydrated food

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So lets say I am going to fill up my dehydrator with some veggies and when they are done I place them in a zip-loc bag, after squeezing out all of the air. So this method gives me a year or so of storage time? What if I was to place multiple zip-loc bags inside of a Mylar bag with an Oxygen absorber? Would this extend the shelf life?
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When I plan long term storage of my dehydrated garden. I will extend the drying time to ensure moisture content is as low as I can get it. Fruits and vegs. have different moisture content percentages for storage. I have to look it up each time and I have no way to measure it, dry and brittle vs. leathery and such. After dehydrated I temp store it in ziplocks with reusable desiccant pacs until I have enough to put into 1gal. mylar. Then remove the desiccant and seal up with O2 sorbers as they clash for LTS. I have about 40 or so 1 gal mylar I have done over the years, I have yet to open one so I remain optimistic on my efforts.
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