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A question about storing dehydrated food

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So lets say I am going to fill up my dehydrator with some veggies and when they are done I place them in a zip-loc bag, after squeezing out all of the air. So this method gives me a year or so of storage time? What if I was to place multiple zip-loc bags inside of a Mylar bag with an Oxygen absorber? Would this extend the shelf life?
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If you're in a fairly dry climate, you can generally get a year easy using just a ziplock. I do it all the time, but I live in the desert.

If you put the food in mylar with an O2 absorber, it's best to just put the food alone in there, not in ziplock bags. The bags keep the O2 absorber from getting at the air around the food. I guess you could open the ziplocks and that would do.

But I have a philosophy of never improvising when it comes to food storage. I always do it exactly like the long term food storage companies do. They have lab tests to prove that their methods work. I've seen too many things that "seem like they should work" but don't. It's one area where it's really easy to overlook some tiny, but critical, detail.
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