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Had some fun out on the back 40 today. My 870 was starting to look a little pasty (OK, to be fair, her breed is well known for living in closets, and mostly comes out at night...mostly) so I decided it was time for a little sunshine. (1)

I loaded up the wagon with a bunch of value-pack 8s and some pop-up targets (2), then placed them on the edge of the woods at what I figure to be reasonable farm-defense distances. (3) See if you can find 'em all. (Hint - they're in a straight line, and the one that's hardest to see is on the far left, peeking out from behind a big trunk just about 3 mouse arrow widths from the light colored tree on the left. Yeah, I sure showed that sneaky bugger with his in-blending behavior...Hah! Take that! and that and that and that!)

In addition to the sheer joy of shooting stuff, I figured it would be best to practice reloads after the magazine ran dry, and I learned 4 important lessons in the process:

1. Black 18" barrels get hot in direct sunlight after rapid fire.
2. Flexible butt-cuffs are good for carrying extra ammo, but not ideal for accessing it at speed. Kinda got twisted around while I was grabbing and fumbling. Maybe that's why Clint Smith uses hard leather holders? seen at :24 here -
3. Red fiber optic sights work very well against green / tan backgrounds. In direct sunlight, at dawn and dusk, even kinda-dark...pretty much whenever; as long as its not dark-dark outside. That's why I have an LED light clamped on. Oh, and Hooray! It stayed on!
4. Shooting with any degree of accuracy, especially while kinda-sorta shuffle walk advancing in an amateurish but well-intentioned version of a tactical crouch, even with a cylinder-bore shotgun, is difficult. Probably dangerous too. Hopefully more so for the bad guys though. Shouldn't have even been there in the first place, right? (Hah! Take that! and that and that and that some more!)


Overall, it was a good time, and I'm now much more confident in my ability to hit stationary targets that don't shoot back. Even figured out how to make it past the bastard tree, too. (4) Turns out it works best if I put stuff INSIDE the wagon, instead of hanging over the edges. Well, well. Guess that's 5 things I got straight today. Hope you got out and did something fun with your weekend, too.

Cheers, Y'all


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Shot some .30 carbine a couple of days back, but just to keep myself sharp for the coming zombiepocalypse. I have always liked .30 carbine. Got some .38 S&B I want to try out if it ever cools down. Damned weather is oppressive these days.

Snipped the rest. Not the right thread to be chatting. Apologies.

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