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i like talk radio. i listen to it an average of 6-8 hrs a day thru the week. listening to it that much does help you stay informed on certain things, but sometimes it gets to be too much. there are alot of reasons out there to be worried/concerned. i have found that at times i have to make a conscious decision to change the channel, or put in a cd.( i drive a truck, so those are about my only two options) the problems that we face as a nation can really get you down if you ponder on it too much.

now, enter some recently new info. just in the past couple of days i have heard news reportsthat the rate of late credit card payments is at a 17 year low. also, that many americans are switching their mortgages from 30yr down to 15-20 yr mortgages.then consider the vast amount of survivalist related web activity that has been going on. all these new retailers, forums, youtube channels, and instructional sites. none of these would be around long, or even starting up, if there wasnt a demand for them. right?

you would think if the people were believing the spin that the majority of the media was putting on things that, maybe, they wouldnt be displaying this change in behavior.could it be that more people are doing their own research? finding their own facts? could they be realizing that the good ole U.S.A. might not actually be impervious to a collapse? might just be that they see we can suffer the same fate that has befallen every other free republic in world history.

maybe the american people are slowly waking up, even if our leaders arent. but think about it. if people are realizing that they need to make these changes to cut back a little and maybe live a little more responsibly it should eventually affect our leadership. either from seeing that the people want them to be more responsible, or the people voting in more responsible politicians(my own personal favorite option).

so, maybe there is more hope than i, myself, have had as of late. maybe we wont have to reach a catastrophic situation in order for people to wake up. i can only hope.
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