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I posted this in the Disaster Preparedness thread but figured it was probably more suitable to this sub forum.
It's a long read but worth it imo. :thumb:

Personal Advice and Pointers and Survival:

  • Try and learn skills now that your grandparents and great-grandparents knew.
  • You will HAVE to forage, a.k.a loot. The difference is, you should NOT take of a living person.
  • Battery, wire and kindling = fire.
  • DO NOT want to lie on the ground. Ground = 58, you = 98, you NEED and WANT to stay warm.
  • Dead airspace = Insulation.
  • Get a GOOD bag: Get out of Dodge bag together, there are many threads on this board with instructions on how to.
  • You will find things on your route that are useful, you MUST be prepared to take them, however wrong it may seem to loot from a dead man.
  • Keep your BOB with you AT ALL TIMES

Transport, Movement & Logistics

  • Deliveries, International and most likely national production and logistics lines WILL breakdown. Oil/Gas/Petrol, when run out and not being transported, will cause a national breakdown of supply, increasing demand.
  • Try to stay away from large cities and urban areas, even towns.
  • Better going on foot, due to the block roads etc.
  • Criminals will also target roads as they have a larger chance of finding loaded cars with supplies etc.
  • The safest way to travel is ON FOOT. It may not be the fastest, so compromises are important.
  • Be prepared to hike a good 50/60 miles. Travel light and fast, this is vital.
  • You must prepare for other forms of travel: foot, bicycle etc. Freeways/ Highways WILL be blocked.
  • You must be INVISIBLE. You cannot follow set roads, it is important to vary your movement.
  • Avoid roads etc., even if they’re clear, they’re a dangerous place to be.
  • DONT GET LOST, you must keep maps on you at all times.

Emergency Services and First Responders (also a note to those who are in these occupations)

  • Emergency Services such as medical, police and fire services will be overwhelmed, and will most likely be forced to close. This may or may not cause mass panic, prepare for that.
  • Medical supplies will be in very short supply. They will be sought after.
  • Hide any special skillsets, i.e. Medical, EMT, Military or Law Enforcement. They can become a bounty!
  • Remember, everyone has a family to return to. People will abandon their posts if their families start to suffer.
  • Remember, once rioting starts, who will stop them?

Medical, Disease and Health control

  • Mass die outs will MOST LIKELY occur in all national/ global scale disasters. Be prepared.
  • After any mass die off, many more dead will be present than the current system of your country is designed for. There will most likely be NO system to remove those bodies.
  • Survivors are at risk of cholera, dysentery and famine. Do not be a victim of this by being careless. Water, food and other goods should be cleaned thoroughly (i.e. by cooking, boiling).
  • You need to deal with sanitary issues. Such as TP, waste disposal.
  • Garbage will pile up, corpses will pile up etc. It will be overwhelming, but it MUST not stop you moving about, this will cause a barrier between you and the real world.
  • Dead bodies should not pass infection on, as long as you take basic precautions in handling them.
  • Process of starvation is noticeable after 3 days. Severe starvation symptoms are:
  1. No feeling of hunger
  2. Lethargy
  3. Highs and lows
  4. Do not want to eat.
  5. Eyesight is blurred, thinking clouded.

  • Liver, Intestinal and Cardiac functions begin to fail if you are not properly maintained.
  • DO NOT become accustomed to instant pain relief or instant symptom relief.
  • IT IS VITAL to clean wounds etc., they can quickly become infected. I cannot express how important this is.
  • Life expectancy will drop majorly. They will die earlier and of simpler diseases that will be rife in the new world.

Utilities & Amenities

  • Mass Communication systems WILL breakdown with huge use. This will affect many vital sources i.e. ISPs, Comms, Power etc., affecting many things such as international trade, emergency services.
  • Sewage systems will stop.
  • Power stations WILL fail after a while. You cannot remain dependent on power for any length of time. There will be a series of shutoffs, rolling blackouts. This will NOT go down well with most people. Keep a battery powered radio and many batteries to power it. Same with flashlight lanterns.
  • Furthermore, the same will happen with gas and water, prepare for that.
  • When Fresh water will stop. You need to stock water BEFORE it stops, whether it be bottles, tanks or home filled vessels.
  • Remember, your computer, refrigerator and every single electronic device will fail in the end.

Food & Water

  • Most have 3 days of food in their home, you need 3 months to feasibly live in any sort of slight comfort.
  • You need lots of water, there is never too much water
  • The longer the scenario stretches out, the more food and water will become scarce.
  • High calorie, fast to prepare food. Crackers, peanut butter, hi-card and protein goods.
  • WATER IS VITAL- Dehydration: Clouded thinking, confusion etc.
  • Without irrigation, farms will become wastelands.
  • Look for water you can drink, food you can eat. Barns, homes, sheds, cars etc. all may have food in them.
  • 6 to 8 pints of water a day is vital.
  • Hot water tanks, swimming pools, car radiators etc. Water you would normally turn your nose at need to be considered.
1. Bleach and Chlorine
2. Filter and chemical
3. Boiling
= Clean water

  • Insects, ants, beetles are all good sources of protein.
  • Pets = Potential sources of food.
  • 75% of plants are toxic to humans.
  • People may refuse to eat if they do not like the food. You need to force the food down them, or they will die.
  • Food will need to be rationed in the beginning; community wide storehouses are a good idea to share food in a good way.
  • 3000kcals a day for a working man. Potatoes, beets, carrots etc. are vital for good nutrition.

Operational Security & Personal Defence

  • SECURITY and OPSEC becomes the foremost concern for you.
  • Find the means to defend yourself straight away, you will need it.
  • You will see people who have "lost their minds", criminals, dangerous people etc. This is a huge danger, you must treat every single person, child, adult or old person, as a murderer, rapist or other miscreant. People WILL kill you, loot you.
  • People WILL form gangs, and raid your home if you do not prepare accordingly.
  • Make your home look ransacked, in disrepair or other. This may deter raiders and looters, but it isn't fool proof. YOU MUST keep a good watch out and fight any fish that fall through the proverbial net.
  • Go into situations with a GREAT DEAL OF SUSPICION.
  • Don’t be a hero.
  • Stay low key, stay out of sight.
  • People will look and find resources they need, forcibly. Be prepared.
  • DO NOT take unnecessary risks.
  • We rely on a very low sort of security in our current society. You HAVE to set up security in a WROL SHTF situation.

People & Society

  • People will recognise that their own wellbeing is in their own hands, they most likely will not like it, and panic, or think/act rationally.
  • People WILL masquerade as police, military etc. to lure people in and then attack them. DO NOT fall for this and prepare your routes away from major landmarks/ Centre of populations. Ambushes will expect you on roads etc. Use rarely used routes.
  • Pandemonium’s WILL occur when food and other goods (oil) run out. BEWARE.
  • Your children WILL moan, they need to suck it up.
  • People will be emotionally and physically drained at this point, you must keep morale high!
  • People who live in a world where "the lights will never come back on again" will be gripped by emotional fear. This will take a toll on people's lives, especially those who are not prepared.
  • Many unprepared people will start to have confused emotions and get angry. You must deal with them sharply, or they will become a victim yourself.
  • The veneer of society is thin, what you see underneath it is ugly, as seen in Katrina.
  • DISASSOCIATION - People may sit there and just stare, simply become passive to their own survival.
  • Every more day you rise, the more competition you will have from other survivors.
  • People in smaller communities may arm themselves and form a defence force to protect them. They may be hostile and therefore not the best thing for you.
  • We have no idea how everyone will respond to the constant danger that comes with a WROL situation.
  • Many people will abandon cities in search for food.
  • Many people will be selfish, however others may be generous and caring. Choose well.
  • Things of most immediate value would be food and water etc. People who control these would be very powerful. Criminal gangs would probably control these, so prepare accordingly.
  • Cash is no good. It would come with precious metals and others. Watches, rings, scrap metal etc. Make your peace with the local criminal gangs, this will probably pay off.
  • The hardest thing in the world is to take another life. It is a life altering event.
  • You need hope, as does everyone else.
  • Masses of children are dangerous in famines etc. They are most liable to be violent and aggressive.
  • People need to suck it up and it is important you stop them from becoming moany bitches or else they could die.
  • People coming into an area will want to take advantage of people's abandoned homes etc., why not?! As long as you do not take LIVING peoples things, it is fine.
  • You will be living by your wits in very challenging conditions, be prepared.
  • Prepare to loose loved ones much earlier than normal.

Life after, rebuilding the future

  • Life will probably become like frontier nations, local sheriffs. Someone with authority and power, a law and others.
  • Religion will be a MAJOR part, I would say, for reconstruction. It will be a meeting place and a place for hope.
  • Rumour will be rife in this disconnected world. SW/ HAM Radio will probably survive, and it will be a good source of information, as it doesn't need infrastructure etc.
  • If you are caught stealing or looting, you will be punished very swiftly and most likely in a deadly way, you must not show sympathy for criminals.
  • Irrigation and other vital infrastructure would be favoured for habituation.
  • Healthcare will be very important and it may be things such as home doctoring etc.
  • A car makes a good solar dehydrator! Remember to reuse things such as this to make your life more efficient! Reuse, rethink, and recycle.
  • 1800's technology may be present in total SHTF EOTWAWKI scenarios.
  • You MUST learn how to cooperate and share! It will be the future.
  • BIG careers will be salvage and foraging.
  • Local communities may have their own dollars / currencies.
  • Think to the future, live for the present, let the past be just that.
  • There will still be books and other forms of hard style media, all will not be lost in terms of education etc.
  • The future may be bleak in terms of technology, but at least there is a future.
  • Eco systems will restore themselves, the environment will probably recover.
  • For survivors, it is a new beginning.

A useful set of rules

“The Moscow Rules”
Assume nothing.
Murphy is right.
Never go against your gut; it is your operational antenna.
Don't look back; you are never completely alone.
Everyone is potentially under opposition control.
Go with the flow, blend in.
Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.
Any operation can be aborted. If it feels wrong, it is wrong.
Maintain a natural pace.
Lull them into a sense of complacency.
Build in opportunity, but use it sparingly.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Don't harass the opposition.
There is no limit to a human being's ability to rationalize the truth.
Technology will always let you down.
Pick the time and place for action.
Keep your options open.
Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.

Information complied from many sources! ( and History Channel's After Armegeddon to name but two)
Typed, compiled and edited by andyhuk

Thanks for reading.

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nice one mate, some pretty good stuff there, and some good maxims at the end as well.

Make it a constant work, as new things occur to you, as opinions change- supplement it and alter your list- it will develope (not that i can think of anything right now!, but change is natural)

good stuff- copied and pasted into a word document :D:

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nice one mate, some pretty good stuff there, and some good maxims at the end as well.

Make it a constant work, as new things occur to you, as opinions change- supplement it and alter your list- it will develope (not that i can think of anything right now!, but change is natural)

good stuff- copied and pasted into a word document :D:
Thanks Gent :D:
Means alot!
I'll keep posting replies if I come across any more information!

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Everything looked good but I would never say a car radiator is a good source of water unless the antifreeze goes away with boiling? This should be made more than clear however you want to slice it because antifreeze is a no go unless I'm missing some easy filtration step.

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I bet the OP watched After Armageddon.. Great program and a very good synopsis you made!
Yes, I did! I summed all the points up in that programme and put them in this guide, due to the fact they were suggesting was backed up by either experience or education, or both. Other points are gathered from the boards here and other sources!

Everything looked good but I would never say a car radiator is a good source of water unless the antifreeze goes away with boiling? This should be made more than clear however you want to slice it because antifreeze is a no go unless I'm missing some easy filtration step.
going to be contaminated with oil and heavy metals too
The water would be contaminated yes, but distillation would get rid of the metals etc. Antifreeze may evaportate also due to the alcohol content (dependant), so obviously this method should only be used in last ditch attemps at water collection!
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