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this old timer named John i know has been a mechanic for longer that recorded history it seems. his dads car when he was a child was a moddified ford for bootlegging. his paps being a bootlegger and still operator into the 1930's. John was driving at 12 and working on cars at about the same era. his paps being a tough guy taught him to box, brewer and fix cars.
one night he told me a story that made me smile. he ran a shop in a industrial area of sorts. there was a gravel lot between his shop and a paid parking lot that workers in the area would park their cars. this paid parking lot had a curb dividing it from the gravel. he assumed it was a type of no mans land, and if need be park a car there with out doing harm to any one.
One day John had a few too many cars in his shop and parked one on the gravel just to get it out of the way. he returned to the car on his lift and carried on.
a short time later he looked out to the gravel and the car was gone. it was a NEW volkwagen bettle (this was the 1970's) and John said he just about had a heart attack . some ones car he was incharge of was stolen, oh *******.
he asked around and the paid parking lot tenant seemed to be where the blame fell.
John went up to the guy in the booth and ask about the bettle. the guy with both his thumbs tucked into his pants and rocked back on his heels and said "yep, it was parked in the lot with outta ticket, had 'er towed." John protested it was in the gravel and not in the lot but it was no use.
He found the tow yard and paid for the bettle to be released. John was pretty steamed and wanted to get even with the little pay n'park guy. being from the older generation where fist fighting is considered just as good as talking, John got a plan together that he thought would nto do harm to any one but would be funny. He called around to fellow mechanics and they donated some unused frames,steering columns and a heavy duty roll around jack. working in the dark of night ,him and a few buddies set up their prank on Mr.king'o the pay n park.
when the Mr.king'o pay n park came into the lot in the morning, he found 3 car frames with out bodies, engines or tire on them. just the frame and steering columns sitting there on the pavement. pay n'park guy paced around and out swore a sailor.the icing on the cake was they took 3 time stamped tickets out of the machine at the entrance and taped them to the steering columns.
john and his buddies watch at a distance as that guy jumped up and down and swore up a storm. this guy trying to figure out how to get these 3 frames out of his lot eventually called flat bed to come. they managed to load these frames and haul them to the junkyard. after that there was no longer and issue with with the gravel parking, john respected that it was probably not his and managed to get by with out any more cars towed.
be it worng or right, it's funny.

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I'm a fan of using a big syringe and squirting a good amount of milk under the floor mats. A couple of warm days and Voila! Stench city.

In the old pre-PC days a small plastic Coke bottle with a bit of metho and a spark plug connected to a h/t lead did the business.
But folks have no sense of humour nowadays.....

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That is a pretty good story.

I was sitting in a grocery store parking lot when a teenage girl whipped into a handicap parking lot. She and a boy got out of it and went into the store. Obviously she had granny's car with a sticker and was taking advantage. I wrote this note and put it on the windshield. "If I had a fat ass and a dork boyfriend I would feel handicapped too"

A couple weeks ago I saw this ad taped up by the door at a country convenience store.

Old Ford tractor. Not much to look at but runs good. Missing the seat and steering wheel. Perfect for someone who has lost his ass and don't know which way to turn to.

While we are at cars and funny stuff. My friend swore this was his true story. Back in the late 70s the New Orleans Saints weren't much of a ball club and their semi official nickname was the AINTS. My friend had 2 tickets for a game and could not go. He went shopping at the mall and put the 2 tickets under his windshield wipers for a give away to who ever wanted them. When he came back out he was surprised because there were 6 tickets under his windshield.
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