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This home video of the 9/11 terror attack on the World Trade Center was filmed from a 36th floor apartment very close to the North Tower. It’s a view of 911 that you may not have seen and one that you should. The events of 9/11 are familiar to everyone. Perhaps so much so that over [...]


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i am not a American nor never will be but today was a very emotional day for me and all the others around the world RIP to all those firefighters and civilians who gave there lives to rescue others so this is a poem for you all

United We Stand!

This is a story of a historic event,
And this is the way that it went.

An airplane crashed thru building one,
Next thing people know two was done.

Now both buildings down of the twin towers,
While people wait for hours and hours.

They watch the police and firefighters strive,
And see if their loved ones are still alive.

Now there are two lights where the towers once stood,
And they shine very bright thru the neighborhood.

This event did not break apart the U.S.A.,
Because we are closer and closer to each other everyday.

may all your souls rest in peace

regards jordan (aka SAS)
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