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Close, DOW will be 3,000 or less by or on Feb 9, 2009. Either the market will go that low then, or total we will be bankrupt. I hear that sometime before June 2009 is the bankruptcy, personally I think sooner.

That will destroy the current fiat dollar and will bring in either the Amero or (my thoughts), debit cards with no actual physical money involved. First in the form or cards which will be deemed unsafe and in the interest of safety, implanted chips.

This will happen either before or after martial law, depending upon people standing up. Probably what we have now will be bought for pennies on the dollar and gold will be called up as it was in the 30s.

During this time we will be sidetracked by a virus or viruses, depleated immune systems (already in progress) irradiation of food. Like Africa, full bellies but starving to death.

Sometime around the holidays there will more than likely be another false flagg op. Chicago?

One can look at Venezuela, a democrasy way before ours that ended in the 1980s. Ours is a text book case. Either way, like someone from Iceland said, we stand a better chance because of geographical location than they are.

Look into the 30s for an idea of what is coming, then figure in we import most of what we consume these days. We believe what sound bites they feed, ie: weak minded. Weak physically due to weak minds and bodies. Look at the drug abuse (not the illegial but the legal).

Also, they don't have to ban guns, just the ammo or make it where we can't buy or make any. That reduces them to sticks and rods.
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