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The %5 OFF coupon has been reactivated for Survivalist Boards members.
Type in SB2011 during checkout to save %5 on your entire order. :thumb:

Also, new merchandise has been ordered. It will be added to the store next week.

Some of the new merchandise will include:
Military Pouches in many sizes (OD, Black, Canvas)
Military First Aid Kits (First Aid Kit, Jungle, Canvas)
Military Insect Repellent (SPEC-0-1-503)
Military Canteen, Cup, Pouch Kits
2-Pocket Ammo Pouches (OD, Black, Canvas)
Water Purification Products
and more....

Also, a note about WISE FOODS orders..... a lot of folks have been asking when we'll have Wise Foods 25 year shelf life meals available again. Wise has informed us that orders are still at an 8 week delivery time, but yes we are again taking orders for these items. Make sure you use your %5 OFF coupon for this. It'll be a significant savings!

Thank You,
Nina Moore
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