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Hey guys,

I'm fortunate enough to have an opportunity to get out of the rat race for a few months and my wife and I have decided to take a trip. We want to do some extended camping in the Black Hills in SD. This will happen this upcoming April so I've got a good amount of time to prepare which is good b/c it's a big undertaking. I would love it if someone who knows the area here could help me out with some of the details.

One issue I'm running into is, the gov. website for the park states that they only issue permits for up to a 14 day stay for the wilderness camping areas (the places where you can camp that's not a "campground") Is this true? If so, are there any ways around it? I'm not sure that we would stay in one place for the entire duration but I certainly want to stay for more than 14 days!

I'm sure I will have many other questions but this is a good place to start. Thanks all and please feel free to offer ideas. Thanks.

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fun in the Hills

One thing to be sure to do is to bring some gold pans and learn how to do it. on many camping trips there as a kid we panned for gold in National Forest streams that were not on private property. just look for areas of black dirt on the bottom in any stream coming out of the hills. you will find "color".

also, you can suppliment your diet with trout and other fish in the streams and lakes there. a non-resident annual fishing license is $60, probably will be next year to, so budget for it.

you will probably find that it will be spendy living there as the cost of living is kinda high. i think the area went to hell after gambling became such a huge industry there.

be sure to see the Needles Highway up north, if youre a fan of Norwegian heritage, visit the Stavekirk church, all wood structure with no metal nails holding it together. Custer state park is really awesome. if you can, try to get to a night program at Mount Rushmore, very moving experiance. South dakota has one of the best state park systems in the US.

a short drive east of the hills is the Badlands National monument, very beautiful . they have also found alot of fossils there. just outside the badlands is the World Famous Wall Drug of South Dakota. their advertisement signs are found in every contenent in the world. also, if you go west northwest into Wyoming you should visit Devils Tower, i think out near Sundance WY. it is nearly a 1000 ft tall inner basalt core of an ancient volcano just standing in the middle of no-where. it has an interesting history in native american lore.

Have fun! --------- Eric
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