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Three men charged with plotting to attack the publisher of a novel about the Prophet Muhammad’s child bride made a brief court appearance Friday after being charged with plotting to damage the offices of Gibson ...


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"Random House Inc., backed off plans to publish the book in the United States citing credible threats the book “could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment.”
How could a BILLION people be considered a small radical segment?

I'm tossing in the entire population because if they aren't directly involved- they freely harbor those that do. When a squad of marines take sniper fire for days on end from a Mosque, and someone finally drops a JDAM and kills 36 women and children, I feel bad for most of the kids *the ones that havent been handed a rifle yet*, but you know the noncombatants all know whats going on.

Same with the terrorists that hide in populations of muslims anywhere. they hide among their own nocombs cause they know if we don't ease up on the ROEs, more muslims will be enflamed by heavy handed american occupation forces.
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