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.218 Bee & .22 Hornet & .256 Winchester Magnum (CLASS of CARTRIDGES) Discussion.

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So, I am wanting to get a refresher and "Deeper" education reference a class of small centerfire cartridges. Much smaller the 5.56X45 size. I am actually looking for some good articles comparing that size cartridges. (I suck at finding things on internet)
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I have owned 2 22 hornets and three 25-20s. They were all fun to play with but I never shot much game with any of them.
I agree with Al Diehl that any are a better choice than a 22 mag. You can reload them mild or hot. Mild makes them suitable for head shots on squirrels and I shot many of them with one of my 25-20s.
The full load Hornets are fairly loud. I never liked that part.
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