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F.Y.I. Here is information for 2 Texas Gulf coast Hurricane Workshops.

I've been in Texas for years and been through several hurricanes and tropical storms. Didn't think there was anything really new to see at one of these workshops but I went anyway last year (to the one in Pasadena). So glad I did.

Surprisingly, there was a short film on what to do if a terrorist / crazed gunman appears in your office / place of work.

Lots of hurricane / disaster info. Met some interesting people at information booths. Learned from the police what went well and what didn't during the last major disaster. Met some very informative people at the HAM club display. Got in touch with a LTS food vendor. Free samples everywhere. Got some good ideas on eldercare and evacuation.

Free prizes, hot dogs, drinks. Glad I went. This page takes several seconds to load; don't give up!
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