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2013 Chicken Coop

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I wanted to show off my new chicken coop that I have been working on. It’s a two piece affair with a chicken house and a run built as separate pieces. It will have lattice board on top to keep out critters and it will be enclosed around the base of the chicken house.

The house is 4’x4’ and elevated. I got the plans from the Purina website and modified it slightly. For one I put the nesting box on the side instead of the front and eliminated the need to enter the coop to retrieve eggs. The house is elevated and will provide a nice cool shady place to hang out for the chickens. A watering system with nipples will be mounted under the house.
I don't have clear picture of the house yet but, I will post one when it is completed. You can see part of it in the pics though.

The run is 8’x8’ and should provide ample room for the number of chickens that I plan to keep. (6 chickens at the most).
Around the run I used a flag stone mold and made a concrete walkway that doubles as a deterrent to critters digging under the sides. The house is sitting on a 4” thick slab of concrete that serves the same purpose and makes it easier to hose off droppings underneath it.

The door has a latch made out of scrap wood. The tongue of the latch is 2”x4” and that should be strong enough to hold in a chicken.

I am putting planting boxes around the outside to grow natural shade, cucumbers and/or pole beans. I was going to use English Ivy but, found out it can be poisonous to chickens.

If the weather stays clear I should have it done within the week but, my chicks are less than a week old so, I have plenty of time.

Thanks for looking.
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Very cool! Thanks for giving me a few ideas.
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